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Oddly Even Apparel is not just a t-shirt, or sweater to wear. It's a movement. It's for the experiences not many can relate to, but somehow is someone’s testimony today. Just like the term Oddly Even, it’s also inspired by the number 11, in which you’ll notice on some apparel. The number eleven is an odd number and visually, with two “1”s  standing together, the image displays an even fit. Just like the number 11, many from the OE community grew up in the West Seattle area, on 11th avenue SW in White Center. Along with its symbolic visuals, many experiences of the neighborhood kids from this area share fond memories of laughter, tears, growth and overcoming obstacles; a tale that's Oddly even. 

Oddly Even is a call to action to seek truth, and model after love even if by the world's standard it seems unpopular. Oddly Even is allowing integrity to guide while evening out their mold instead of fitting into one. The feeling of wearing an OE Apparel should be one of acceptance, boldness and community. It’s to know they have a place to call home, a village full of others just like them; Oddly Even.

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